Dolomite Elegance Showcase 2023

Category :

Hospitality Photography

Client :

TT Consulting

The Challenge

In collaboration with TT Consulting, WeArctics undertook the task of elevating the online presence and marketing strategies for Hotel Solea and Al Sorriso.

The objective was to showcase the unique charm of each hotel, emphasizing their distinctive offerings and positioning them as premier destinations within the Dolomites.

Project Scope

01 . Interior Photography

WeArctics meticulously captured the interior spaces of Hotel Solea and Al Sorriso, highlighting the architectural nuances, decor, and ambiance that contribute to the overall guest experience. The focus was on translating the essence of each hotel into captivating visuals.

02 . Food Details Photography

The project extended to capturing the culinary delights offered by each hotel. WeArctics aimed to showcase the artistry and presentation of each dish, emphasizing the gastronomic experience that sets them apart in the hospitality landscape.

03 . Overall Experience Visuals

Our team went beyond static photography, capturing the dynamic experiences guests enjoy at Hotel Solea and Al Sorriso. This included shots of outdoor activities, spa amenities, and the overall atmosphere that defines the unique character of each hotel.

04 . Consulting for Marketing Strategy

WeArctics was involved in crafting a tailored marketing strategy and content plan to effectively communicate the hotels' unique offerings and attract their target audience