Renault Austral Launch 2023

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Automotive Photography

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01 .The Challenge

In a collaborative effort with AutoMita, the WeArctics team undertook a creative venture to bring the Renault Austral 2023 model to life. Focused on infusing elements of nature and sustainability into the representation of the new vehicle, our services encompassed detailed project planning, shooting ideation, script development, and the delivery of final photos to elevate the presence of Renault Austral 2023 in the automotive market.

Project Scope

01. Content Enrichment

WeArctics took charge of enriching the content strategy, weaving in the narrative of Renault Austral 2023's ecological features and its harmonious integration with nature.

02. Shooting Ideation Mastery

Our team spearheaded the conceptualization of a visually striking photoshoot, carefully selecting locations that underscored the relation of the Renault Austral 2023 with nature.

03. Photography Expertise

WeArctics executed the photoshoot with precision, capturing the Renault Austral 2023 in a range of environments. The goal was to portray the vehicle as an integral part of the surroundings, showcasing its adaptability and eco-friendly attributes through captivating imagery.

04. Post-Production Brilliance

The final images underwent post-production enhancements, ensuring visual consistency and alignment with the brand's vision. Techniques such as color grading and retouching were applied to accentuate the natural and sustainable facets of the Renault Austral 2023.