Visual Narratives in Education since 2020

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Teach for Kosova

About the project

Teach For Kosova, a non-profit organization, is on a mission to bridge educational disparities in Kosovo, striving to provide all students with equal access to quality education, irrespective of social class or ethnicity. WeArctics has been a steadfast partner, engaging in over three long-term projects to document and showcase the organization's activities.

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Project Scope

Documenting Educational Initiatives

WeArctics has chronicled Teach For Kosova's various educational initiatives, capturing the essence of their programs that aim to bring positive change to the educational landscape in Kosovo.

Summer Institute Visual Showcase

The focus extended to capturing the dynamic and enriching experiences at Teach For Kosova's Summer Institute. Through photography and video content, we aimed to convey the immersive nature of the institute and the learning journey of new fellows.

Long-Term Project Highlights

Our collaboration spanned multiple projects, providing a comprehensive view of Teach For Kosova's ongoing efforts and the evolution of their impact over time.

Storytelling Through Visuals

The visuals created aimed to tell a compelling narrative of Teach For Kosova's mission, showcasing the dedication of educators, the enthusiasm of students, and the transformative power of education.