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Rave Trave

Rave Travel, a leading event management company based in Kosovo, stands at the forefront of orchestrating unforgettable experiences in the realms of music, culture, and entertainment. As a steadfast and long-term partner, WeArctics has been the visual architect behind Rave Travel's most significant projects, including concerts, the Prishtina Music Conference, Rave Festival, and various other related events.

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Concert Visualizations

WeArctics has been instrumental in translating the energy and vibrancy of concerts organized by Rave Travel into visually stunning representations.

Prishtina Music Conference

Our collaboration extends to documenting and visually presenting the Prishtina Music Conference, a key event in Rave Travel's calendar

Rave Festival Highlights

: Rave Festival, a flagship event for Rave Travel, has been brought to life through our visualizations. We've created dynamic aftermovies, promotional videos, and event coverage that encapsulate the festival's atmosphere, performances, and the collective spirit of celebration.

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