Nature-Blend Showcase since 2021

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Sustainable Fashion

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Timberland, a global icon in outdoor lifestyle and footwear, is renowned for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and a timeless sense of style. WeArctics has had the privilege of collaborating with Timberland, providing a multifaceted visual approach that showcases their latest fashion trends, infusing a touch of nature into product photography, and leveraging influencer marketing to amplify brand engagement.

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Project Scope

Product Photography

WeArctics has meticulously executed product photography sessions to showcase Timberland's latest fashion trends.

Nature-Inspired Visuals

Emphasizing Timberland's deep connection with nature, our product photography and videography campaigns incorporate natural elements and outdoor settings.

Influencer Marketing

WeArctics has implemented influencer marketing strategies to amplify Timberland's brand presence.

This collaboration continues to evolve, contributing to Timberland's continued success in the dynamic world of fashion and outdoor lifestyle.