Haven Tents' Lay Flat Hammock Experience 2023

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Haven Tents

About the project

Haven Tents, a Utah-based sporting goods manufacturer, stands as a beacon of innovation in outdoor relaxation. Specializing in lay flat hammocks, Haven Tents offers a unique blend of design and comfort for outdoor enthusiasts. WeArctics had the pleasure of collaborating with Haven Tents, providing captivating photography and video content to showcase the design features and experiential joy of their lay flat hammock, ultimately promoting it across their social platforms.

Our collaboration with Haven Tents revolved around creating immersive visual content that not only highlighted the unique design features of their lay flat hammock but also conveyed the unparalleled experience of relaxation it offers. Through photography and video, WeArctics aimed to capture the essence of outdoor leisure and promote Haven Tents' innovative product across their social media platforms.

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Project Scope

Product Photography

WeArctics meticulously captured the lay flat hammock, focusing on its design intricacies, material quality, and versatility. The goal was to present the product in a visually appealing manner that would resonate with outdoor enthusiasts seeking comfort and style.

Experiential Video Content

Our team crafted video content that went beyond showcasing the hammock's features. We aimed to transport viewers into an experiential journey, capturing the joy and relaxation that comes with using Haven Tents' lay flat hammock in various outdoor settings.

Social Media Promotion

The content created was strategically tailored for Haven Tents' social media platforms. WeArctics ensured that the visuals were optimized for maximum engagement, utilizing the power of social media to reach and connect with the brand's target audience.

Brand Identity Reinforcement

Through our visuals, we worked to reinforce Haven Tents' brand identity as a provider of innovative and comfortable outdoor leisure products, emphasizing the harmony between design, functionality, and the joy of outdoor relaxation.